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Summer Cruise 2023

Cruise Overview 
2023 Cruise T-Shirt Order Form This will only be available until 12 June!
2023 Summer Cruise Ports of Call (Please note: Day 6 Port is now Buckle Harbor)

2023 DEYC Summer Cruise (DRAFT #2 - new one coming soon) - This link will take you to the PDF version that you can print.

Kick Off
July 7
Luke's Boat Yard
Hosts Ed and Nancy Gillis
No Cost per person
Starting with a bang at 18:00 Pre-cruise Meeting: There will be a cruise briefing and cruise packets with port information will be distributed. All attending are asked to bring an appetizer to share.  Woody Wagon will be on site.
Day 1
July 8
Dix Island
Port Hosts P/C Steve & Debbie Arkley
No Cost per person
Anchor / Rafting only. You can choose a number of different spots to anchor, depending on the wind. Drop the hook in the middle of a triangle formed by Dix, Birch, and high, not far off the stone wharf on High, in about 15 ft. at low tide. The bottom varies in spots from rocky to sand and mud. The spot offers good protection from the prevailing south westerlies.
NOTE: There is a very shallow area to the West of High Island (2.9 ft. at low tide) - consult your chart and avoid this area. Shallow draft boats please anchor further east towards the sand beach to allow room for deep draft boats to anchor. Thanks.
Time & place: 1730 hrs. (5:30PM) ashore on Birch Island’s beach. Tide will be going out during the event, so plan accordingly with your dinghy.
🌎“Around the World, pick your country pot luck”. Boats will be assigned appetizer, main dish or dessert. Summon your inner chef’s creative side and prepare a unique dish from the country of your choice. Plates, plastic utensils, and napkins will be provided. Bring a comfy chair to sit in and a table if you want one. BYOB. “World Countries trivia bingo game”. On the beach after dinner. Brush up on your world geography and trivia ahead of this fun game of knowledge. The multiple choice question sheets will be passed out at the kick-off at Luke’s. Answer the questions and be prepared to play at Dix’s Island. At Dix’s the questions will be read out and the correct answer given. Each of the questions will be associated with a random square on your game card (that will be passed out at Dix’s). If you answered the question correctly, you get to fill in the square. First one to get all the squares across, down or diagonal WINS!
Day 2
July 9
Camden Harbor
Port Hosts Kristen & Dan King
$18 per person
Cheese trays and Snack Mixes, Pizza and Salad, Cookies/Brownies and beverages from the Woody Boat.
This will be an event where members do not have to bring anything to contribute to the meal other than their own chairs:
Day 3
July 10
Belfast Harbor
Port Host Steve & Joyce Crockett
No Cost per person
We are doing a Cinco de Mayo theme for dressing up and for what people bring for appetizers.
Boats “A” to “M” bring Mexican-themed appetizer.
Everyone to bring their ponchos and sombreros. (Tentative location: on the dock)
Pictionary packets will be handed out at Luke’s Boat Yard!
On your own for dinner. 
    July 11 AM         $tbd per person   Clarridge’s Pancake Breakfast on dock 🥞
Day 4
July 11
Smith Cove (near Castine)
Port Host P/C Dave Quist & Genie Gannett.
No Cost per person
Photo Contest 📸
Composition - Examples: Be aware of the background in your photograph; try not to have a mast from a sailboat showing up behind a motor yacht, which could make the motor yacht look like a motorsailer! Research "the rule of thirds". Know when to follow the rule and when to break it! 

Lighting - Hint, make use of the golden hour, the last hour of daylight in the evening and the first hour of daylight in the morning. 

The Moment - Extra points for capturing the owner(s) on board, either candid or posed OK. 

Prizes CASH 1st $50.00, 2nd $30.00 and 3rd $20.00 

Raft up behind CAPT. HOWARD for appetizers.

Everyone brings appetizer and BYOB. 

Everyone on their own for dinner.

Day 5
July 12
Seal Bay
Port Host P/C Terry & Lyn Trever
No Cost per person
Scavenger Hunt 📝
Item list will be handed out at Luke’s Boat yard.  You have 5-6 days to find the items.This will be “honor system” but you have to touch the item. Find and touch an item, check it off the list and send your total via text of email to me by 5PM Wednesday at Seal Bay.

A “progressive dinner” on various host’s boat with assigned guests.

Wine supplied by the Woody Boat. 

Appetizers, main dish, sides and desert will be assigned.

Need volunteer boats to host 4-6 guests.

Day 6
July 13
Buckle Harbor
Port Host Ed and Marlene Lawton
No Cost per person
Day 7
July 14
North East Harbor
Port Host P/C Bill & Anne George
  No Cost per person  
Social Gathering at the Robertson’s home.
Woody Boat and create a special appetizer to match Robinson’s venue. 
Time: 1700
Day 8
July 15
North East Harbor
$58 per person
Banquet Dinner
Nor’easter at Kimball’s terrace
Cash Bar 
Time: 1730 to 1830   Dinner at 18:00
Day 9
July 16


1. Only DEYC members may register their boats.

2. Each cruise boat responsible for their own dockage and moorings. Reserve as soon as possible.

3. The boat registration fee has been set by the Board and increased by $17 over last year to ensure that all cruise

costs are covered including cruise guides, woody wagon, supplies, ice, miscellaneous costs and the unforeseen.

Should you have a question or comment about the fee contact Brent Pope, Commodore, at  or 404-626-8917.

4. Boat registration fee per boat $55.

5. Guest fee $25 per person (does not apply to children and grandchildren).

6. By land fee $20.







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