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October 22, 2022

Hosted by Bob & Jean McKay, Boothbay Harbor



December 3, 2022


ME DEYC “Off Season” Parties

FL DEYC “Off Season” Parties 

2023 Ski Weekend


Commodore Message


Greetings Down East Yacht Club Members!

As we cruise towards the close of our 2022 boating season the days are growing shorter and cooler. In a few short weeks SaltyPaws will leave her summer mooring on Linekin Bay and travel to her winter berth in New Jersey.

Before the seasons end we will have the opportunity to participate as a club in the following:

  • 27 August 2022 at 9am the Annual Membership Meeting at the Tugboat Inn BBH.  I encourage all members to attend. We want to hear your voices and have your vote.
  • 27 August 2022 at noon final Day Tripper of the season hosted by P/C Tim Parker, Pamela Parker and Tali Parker
  • 10 September 2022 at 4pm Haul Out Party at Blake’s Boatyard.

Our 57th season of club events will conclude with the annual Haul Out Party. This is an opportunity to meet the new Bridge. If all goes as anticipated at the Membership Meeting the event will be hosted by Commodore Brent Pope and P/C Susan Pope. The venue is graciously being provided by P/C Amy Goodwin and Dusty Goodwin of Blake’s BoatYard. The Woody Wagon will be there under the management of Vice Commodore Aaron Rugh and Suzanne Rugh. The Ship’s Store will be under the care of Rear Commodore Kristen King and Dan King.

You will have the opportunity to meet our three new Board of Directors. And, Thank Brenda Blake, P/C Bill George, P/C Steve Arkley and John Ryan for their three-year service on the Board. You can also speak with and plant seeds in the new Fleet Captain’s ear for next years Summer cruise.

We will be looking for hosts for monthly Winter Gatherings in Florida and Maine. As a host of a winter gathering you pick the date and provide the venue. Club members arrive with their own beverage and an appetizer to share. If this is something that interests you, please let our Club Administrator Kate Winslow know. If you spend winters in Florida you can contact Karen Young directly at . Karen is coordinating the winter gatherings.

I encourage all members to commit to spending their time well with the DEYC. I guarantee the return for your investment of time will be strong friendships and lasting memories. Show up early to activities, help out whenever you can and have fun. Or, stay late, help clean up and have fun. You never know when an after party will pop up! The Woody Wagon, the Ship’s Store, the hosts are always looking for volunteers to lend a hand.

I also want to remind you that you can also help out by serving on the board of directors, leading as an officer, hosting an event, or serving on a committee. To locate information about current DEYC committees, please see the Roster Index page.

Upcoming events are posted to our website Email communications are sent periodically throughout the year announcing the details of each event. Be sure to put upcoming events on your calendar!        

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues on the Bridge; V/C Brent Pope and P/C Susan Pope and R/C Aaron Rugh and Suzanne Rugh. In addition, thank you to my Officers, Board of Directors, F/C Kristin King and Dan King and Club Administrator Kate Winslow. The success of the DEYC depends on the energy and hard work each of you has contributed this season! I am very proud of what we co-created this 57th season of the DEYC! Bravo.

On behalf of all DEYC members, I would like to thank those who have served on various committees and hosted gatherings, and those who will give their time and home in order to provide for our activities this winter. Your enthusiasm and willingness to volunteer truly bring the Down East Yacht Club to life and make it the "Fun Club" it is.

It has been an honor to serve as your Commodore. Thank you for a beautiful year! 

Jeanne Koenig

Commodore 2021-2022